Q: Why should I choose ARC’s Wine Plus? 

A: ARC’s Wine Plus is small boutique company that conducts Wine, Beer, Spirit and Cocktail tours.  Our focus is to plan a tour that allows you to experience the history and craft beverages of the Texas Hill Country!

Q: How long is a wine tour?

A: All wine tours are approximately seven hours – from 10/11am to about 5/6pm.

Q: Which wineries will I visit?

A: Selection of wineries/locations to visit are based on your tastes and private groups can make selections.

Q: How many wineries will I visit?

A: You will visit at least three wineries in The Texas Hill Country.

Q: How much does a tour cost?

A: Price ranges from $99 and up.

Q: How is the price for the tour determined?

A: Prices are per person. We do offer group rates.

Q: How much are wine tasting fees?

A: Generally, wine tasting fees are approximately $10 and up per person, per winery.

Q: Are wine tours public or private?

A: ARC’s Wine Plus specializes in providing what our guests desire, so our tours are public and private.

Q: Will you service larger groups?

A: We will take care of larger groups, however we are limited on Saturdays to the locations we can visit if it’s a large group, per request of the wineries.

Q: What type of vehicles are used for wine tours?

A: We utilize all types from small vans to Motorcoach.


Q: Can we bring snacks or alcohol on the wine tour?

A: You are permitted to bring snacks, but we usually have some and water. Requests to bring snacks must be stated at time of booking.  We do not permit hard liquor on tours and do not recommend you bring any other alcohol.  ( We do comply with TABC guidelines).

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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